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how to make money for free

Based on my actual user experience is what I have written here… Tried and tested free to join, legitimate programs almost worldwide is accepted on the services they offer as I have observed, some with paid plans but there is always a given lifetime free plan for all services.,

One thing is for sure Free to Sign up. One of the ways to detect that a platform is legit, it must be free. Of course, a piece of advice that always read on their platform or program site, before you click. Why wait to try joining on my list of programs below to help you earn money. Nothing to loose, joining and earning money is free.

One of the ways to detect that a platform is legit, it must be free. Of course, a piece of advice that always read on their platform or program site, before you click. Why wait to try joining on my list of programs below to help you earn money. Nothing to loose, joining and earning money is free.


This is the survey site that I also love. Simple ways to answer their surveys, and short pack of questions. This is also a legitimate survey site that will help you earn money if you join thru this link MyPaidViewPoint-Sign UpFree, instant points can be yours immediately. Unlike signing up alone, no points to gain. 

Link shortener will help you earn money as well. Every clicks on the words you set a url shortener for that, it will give value, and be checked on your dashboard. Once you signed up here at , it is lifetime free, you can login immediately. Browse and be familiarized on their dashboard and it is easy to use for links on your articles that you think needed to use short links. Imagine you will earn money for free, for simply joining for free and use this service for free as well. OUO.IO-SignUpFree




It is a platform where you can sign up for free, login daily to earn points> Love to earn cash for things what you are doing already. Try it now. LiteracyBase-SignUpFree



It is best to sign up thru referral links, it’s because you will get instant 5,000 or immediately. Unlike signing up alone no free points to gain.  DealSpotr-SignUp-ForFree


Quick Folk 

This site is best to gain more followers, earn cash as well thru referrals. You sign up for free. They have lifetime free ways to earn many followers thru different social media sites. They also have paid plans which you can choose on the bulk of followers that you would like for your sites, social media to be followed, still depending on your choice. Signing up here for free QuickFolk gives you extra points immediately.


Sponsored Tweets 

It is good to join this program, imagine you will earn money thru tweets, but you have to apply first and get approved. But nothing to worry about it, as long as you have a stable tweeter account, knows how to use tweeter and you’re good to go. Try it now.



It is also a good way to earn points, and be used it to purchase again thru ebates.
It is best to join with from links or referral from the site, because instant 5,000 points or $10 can be yours to your account with Ebates. Join now. Ebates-FreeSignUp



It is best to join this program too. It is lifetime free to join, you will be able to earn money for free as well. It is a survey platform site, that lets you earn points by responding those surveys. They send your email activation immediately after you sign up from their site.

It is best to join thru links for you will have instant points already. Points with equivalent dollar amount, that you can readily cashout thru paypal easily. The more points earned, the better. Try joining now thru this link and earn instant points now, click here to join :  FreeSignUpMySoapBox


Gleam Competitions 

Free to Sign up here. It will help you earn points immediately when you sign up a link, and refer as well. This site helps you promote competitions, winnings, sweepstakes, contests, giveaways for free, thru sponsor, or paid ways. It is really good to use this for competitions will help your site attract more visitors and gain more followers for site as well.  GleamCompetitions-Free SignUp



If you love pinning photos and images, this site is best. If you have enough followers based on their need, then this site is for you. You will earn money through pinning photos, and images. It is good to apply by submitting your pinterest url to them and follow their guidelines. It is free to apply or join at their site, and this is another way to earn money thru pins.


Mrinsta is the site will help you earn tons of followers, and likes for your instagram account. They have lifetime free membership, they have paid plans, choose what’s best for your need and it will help you gain lots of followers for free.



This site will help you gain tons of website visitors. This site will help you earn money as well. And this platform will give you instant points if you sign up thru this link now, points that you can use for equivalent of cash once accumulated value you’ve reached and ready for cash out. LinkReferralSignUpFree


SEO for Free

This site will help you not only earning visitors for your site, but earning money as well thru referrals and sign ups thru this link. Earn instant points and exchange it for cash.



This site is really very good. It has 3 purpose when you join for free. You Gain Free Followers for you social media submitted URL. Second Earn Points when you sign up through invitation or thru links here LinkcolliderSignupFree. Third, you earn points and cash when you refer your people

This site will help you earn money as well , when you sign up here Instant points will be yours immediately. And for your benefit, you can submit your website thru traffup for free exposure and lastly for referring people you will be able to earn money as well. Traffup.netSignupFree



By the name itself you will be able to gain followers instantly when you join this program. Earning lots of followers to almost all of your social media sites. Earn money as well. AddMeFastSignUpFree



This is a very good company that will help you earn money as well. By showing or promoting your products through your website using your affiliate links. Affiliate links will really help you increase your income online. Timely promotion of your preferred products and your way will help your site be promoted as well.  LazadaSignUpFree



Lots of people have this mind to sell and earn. That’s the instant way that every people is expecting for. Even me, I am one of those that set such thinking, if I sell and promote, so I should earn right.

This program the moment you signed up, you instantly get $100 to your paypal account
You instantly get points as well when you sign up thru this link. SFI
That’s the uniqueness of this affiliate program

All is free to sign up and to Earn Money both free, why think twice, if you have a ready email address, signed up now. Variety of products and ways to promote that this site has for everyone. SFI-SignUpFree



Educational Toys Planet

They have products that will help you sell much especially for kids. Educational toys for different stages of growth of a child, which is perfect for every toy lovers, mom, dad and guardians that help their child learning process , interests on education may easily capture children’s attention through educational toys.  EducationToysPlanet-SignUpFree



Simply sign up and sign in and earn 50 Points instantly…
This is a technology site. I was amazed when I first tried to browse their site, a lot of things I discovered. Free to join, my ability to earn money through their site. To review products, in exchange of that is to have that particular product free delivery to me, still depending on the rules they have before and at the moment. They also have a program that is really very good that I love most is
Get it Free Program. Through referrals you will be able to get products for free click here to witness the best example for Get it Free :  GearBestFree SignUpFree



If you want to sell ad space from your website, this is the most used platform to sell or promote your website.



Affiliate links, thru banners and exciting posters that people are encouraged to visit. Hub Traffic is one of the sites that I can say you have to promote adult links, as I described their banners with size variety, will really make more man will have invest time for it.



  • Is a very good site for web analytics, and make money as well.
  • They have affiliate program as well.
  • Their affiliate program is designed to give incentives for sharing their siteClicky Worldwide.
    You will be able to earn 25% of every payment made to them by any user who signs up through your affiliate link and becomes a paying premium member.
  • Minimum payment of $10 and they can pay you through Paypal
  • They processed payments once or twice per month depending on demand
  • Simple tasks to earn money like placing your affiliate link that is available on your homepage, and be able to write an article about them and link to them your affiliate link, or simple place it in the sidebar
  • Any user who follows your affiliate link to their site will be assigned a cookie with your referral ID that is good for 60 Days
  • I am impressed of this site on actual use, I find their site complete. On Dashboard I’ve seen can be set based on preference : Trends, Graphs, Visitors,
  • Their Dashboard, is good because I have seen different fields, not just the basic information, but about the website, analytics, graphs, time, number of clicks, visitors, content, searches, links, platforms, locale, campaigns, API’s , preferences and more. In short, their site represents a complete tracking of your website, its content, the visitors movement. Clicky-SignUpFree



Best for Publishers

  • Best to earn money as well, with their sophisticated monetization solutions, high eCPMs on 240 + countries
  • Weekly payments and multiple payment methods
    Detailed statistics for your site app
  • On-time payments, twice a month
  • Payments via Paxum, Payoneer, Wire Transfer or PayPal
  • Self service platform (Coming soon)
  • Detailed statistics
  • eCPM optimization

for advertisers

  • Fully managed service with campaign optimization
  • Advanced targeting: geo, site, device type etc.
  • Quality traffic with fraud and bot filtering

Advantages for Advertisers

  • Smart optimization system for high conversion quality
  • Optimal targeting: geo, dayparting, frequency capping, OS, device, ad placement and site
  • Qualified accounting: dedicated account manager, for large and middle-sized clients
  • Desktop and Mobile channels
  • Automatic campaign optimization

  • Understanding the value of backlinks for your website and indexing site is really important. Links reflect your website contents. You need to know what links are bringing people to your site when you get ready to do your backlink audit
  • Google Search Console makes the said task easy, Simply sign in to Google, go to your dashboard, and click on “search traffic” lefthand sidebar, Then under “search-traffic” click on “Links to your site”
  • It is important to have a link built. There are creative ways to get those good links, such as through social media sites like youtube, as a way to get more links. That’s why backlinks is created for you. And if you are serious on making money as well sign up for absolutely free affiliate account and make money through backlinks
  • Signup now for free  Backlinks-Sign-UpFree



  • It is a usability tester
  • This opportunity is very popular, many testers want that and statistically they are less customers than testers.
  • Easy to sign up
  • Get paid for surfing website while telling them about what you think
  • $10 for 10 to 15 minutes


This website will help you earn rewards, when you shop online, take surveys, watch videos, read emails, and more to earn points. You may redeem your points for gift cards, travel miles, and cash via Paypal.

They also have the affiliate program
Visit their website for more details MyPoints


One of the easiest way to earn is to search, shop and share your opinion. Things that you already been doing and get paid. What else that can make you feel best than knowing that.


Is one of the way to make money online as well. Thru Textlinks you will be able to earn cash as well.  You will earn up to $125 .  Creating account is lifetime free. Simply sign up here Linkspanel  and start earning money.



You will get paid instantly by doing simple tasks such as answering short surveys, watching movies, downloading apps and more. Visit their website for more details.

One of the ways to detect that a platform is legit, it must be free. Of course, a piece of advice that always read on their platform or program site, before you click. Why wait to try joining on my list of programs below to help you earn money. Nothing to loose, joining and earning money is free.

Hope my list helps you find and sign up to start earning money today.